Deaths of Others, 2016

A work within the framework of “Critical Remediatisation of War Film” submitted to the University of Art in Belgrade (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Polymedia Art Department) under the mentorship of Doctor of Arts Zoran Todorovic, docent at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

Polymedia art installation: architecture, cinema, performance

Courtesy of the artist


Deaths of Others (2016)

With reference to the aspects of the powerful objectifying gaze, the performance/theatre installation is suggested by the architecture(alisation) of the (eye)sight, as well as by the "materialization" of the movie space, contextualized as a place of representation, happening and experience. In this regard, the closed (indoor), triptych installation is generated upon the viewing experience required by the work and it functions by geometrising the scene of the view as a scene of the power within the metaphor inside the film text, as well as in the domain of the narrative authority hierarchy. Exploiting the "manhood" motive as the dominant (narrative) agent of heroism and bravery concepts, the situation assumed by the work performatively refers to the "showdown", signifying the ceremonial ritual of role exchange with the beings of Others – as encountered and juxtaposed within the context of the film experience. Accordingly, the work offers the audience three screens, like three characters, aiming to emphasize the erotic, scopo(philic)-voyeuristic aspects of relationship between the observer and projection analogous to the ideas of foundations and fragmentations within the concept of identity.



An artist from Pancevo (1980), graduated as a painter from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade (2009). Currently enrolled in the PhD program at the Polymedia Art Department of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Since 2006 she has been actively taking part in the domestic and foreign art scene. She was a finalist of Mangelos Awards in 2010, the winner of Mangelos Production Prize for 2011, and the scholarship holder of Kulturkontakt Artist in Residence program in Vienna, in 2011.



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