I Bought My Ghost, 2014, oil on canvas, 40 x 40cm

Courtesy of the artist

My body of work examines social identity and gives a psychological insight into the personality of the subject. In a culture obsessed with image over content, I use figuration to show how the media influences man.

I’m interested in the juxtaposition of the human condition- the deep darkness inside of it and the innocence behind it. Questions like gender, consumerism, greed, sexuality, freedom, and death are analyzed through various situations taken from everyday life.

I work from photographs that I made with models. While working with models I put them in a concept and situation that depicts their state of mind and at the same time describes the society in which we live in. Being interested in alteration of the human form, I have pictured transgender bodies, depicting those marginalized by their sexuality and the politics of gender, as well as people changed by cosmetic surgery. Human figures devouring food like an animal, stretching their “meat-like” bodies in a gym, wrapped in plastic like a product, faces covered with a cosmetic mask, all showing their fears, struggles and desire to fit into a society that has certain demands.

I’m identifying the darker elements of humanity, as I try to find beauty in it.

Each of the paintings represents people who are part of and/or were a moment in my life.

State of Subtle Shock, 2015, oil on canvas and nylon strings, 150 x 190 cm

Courtesy of the artist


Born in Belgrade, in 1985. Completed graduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad in 2009, (professor Dusan Todorovic’s class). Received her Master’s Degree in painting at the same Academy in 2011, in the class of professor DusanTodorovic. A freelance artist since 2010. A member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia). Won Perspektive 8 third prize for the Most Perspective Students of Belgrade and Novi Sad Art Academies. Laureate of the Annual Award of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad for the most successful work of art in the field of painting. Took part in artistis-in-residence programs in Paris (Cite International des Arts), Belgium (Glo'art), Florence (Outside Project) and art colonies in Ecka, Serbia (Aquarelle Art Colony), in Szentendre, Hungary (Pero Art Centre XVIII Art Colony).

She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions at home and abroad (Paris, Florence, New York, Budapest).

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