10. BUDI - The Sky Unlocked!

The Sky Unlocked! – Children's art competition – Prize: trip to Disneyland

We are pleased to announce that the Cultural Centre of Pančevo and the Citizens Association BUDI are hosting the tenth anniversary of the International Biennale of Children's Artistic Expression (10th BUDI) under the slogan THE SKY UNLOCKED! The slogan is also the theme of the art competition, in which all children under the age of 16 are invited to submit artwork by April 20, 2023.

The sky is NOT the limit because we value your most precious asset—curiosity! It is a gift you will treasure and cherish as your inquisitiveness grows.

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Skies can be large or small and they exist in secret places. The 10th BUDI is a limitless space of art that equally and joyfully combines reality and imagination, science and fiction, knowledge and talent, benefactors and angels, small villages and metropolises, friendship and travelling. The 10th

BUDI is an opportunity to shake up your creativity!

The Blazing Krinfolion—an imaginary creature that helps children make the world better, fairer and more beautiful—flew down like a super hero from a distant planet at the very first Biennale. From his first appearance until today, Krinfolion has drifted through dreamlike clouds, starry fireworks and cosmic secrets of Cuba, Hungary, Japan, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Israel and Italy. This year, it will help us present the traditional and contemporary art of Germany, the guest-host country of our festival. We mustn’t pass up the opportunity to be CHILDREN OF COSMOPOLIS!

Art breathes children’s dreams to life! Take part in the 10th BUDI art contest and win “Blazing Krinfolion”, the Grand Prix of the festival, which entitles you and a travel companion to a trip to Disneyland—the place unlocked by great Walt Disney. We are confident your artistic expression can unlock the festival’s skies in plenty of different ways, so make sure to enter the 10th BUDI art contest in the following categories:


In 1450, Johannes Gutenberg unlocked a sky when he invented the printing press, which allowed any writing to be multiplied in a desired number of copies. Numerous subsequent advancements have resulted in what we now refer to as a “global village”—today, the entire planet has easy access to a wide range of events and contents. Write a poem, or a story. Make a postcard out of clouds and write your verses, story or text on it and we will print and mail it to the addresses you specify!


Many great artists and scientists who have largely contributed to the history of this planet glorified the sky in their works. Some used their real names and surnames, other used pseudonyms, and still others used initial letters to sign their creations. Design your own monogram and emblem so that everyone knows it is your personal seal.


Albrecht Dürer, a German Renaissance painter, was 26 years old when he painted his famous self-portrait, which is now housed in Madrid’s Prado museum, so we can consider him the inventor of selfies. Self-portraiture has long been recognized as a form of representation in fine art and now you can unlock a sky with a visual presentation of yourself — draw your self-portrait, take a photo of yourself, or recreate any famous painting with you as the main character. Introduce yourself to us!


Illustrate the sky as a place where you can be free and let your imagination fly. Choose a technique—drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, paper art, and then draw your inspiration from celestial phenomena and the universe: the glow of the Sun, Moon, stars, planets, incredible cloud shapes, mythical and religious creatures…


Fairy tales have always adorned the theatre sky. Many of them were written by unknown storytellers, while others were told by well-known authors, such as the Grimm brothers. Unlock a new galaxy, direct and record a theatre play based on a traditional German fairy tale and show us how fantasy creatures come to life! To enter this category, post a video of the play (up to 30 minutes long) on your YouTube channel and send us the link. Selected plays will be included in the official program of BUDI festival.


You love and feel the music when you play, sing, compose or dance. Show us your talent by making a TikTok video with a hashtag #10BUDI and send us the best school band, your solo, duet, choir or dance performance.


Just like the Earth alternates day and night, so do our favourite fashion trends. Unlock your favourite corner of freedom—design your sky clothes, your sky pet apparel, or your sky wings! Be a trendsetter! Be a fashion designer!


Film is an art form that has only been around for a little more than a century and yet, it has created such a magnificent system of stars that we would all be in seventh heaven if our name appeared in the opening or closing credits. Direct a short film, create a unique visual character, or show us (your) musical choreography. Upload a video of up to 10 minutes in length to a YuoTube channel and send us the link. Selected films will be screened as part of the BUDI festival’s official program.


Unlock the sky of your goodness in a carefree cosmopolis because you know you can win! The most successful art works in each of the categories will be generously rewarded ☺ “Blazing Krinfolion”, the Gran Prix of BUDI festival, is a trip to Disneyland in Paris for you and your travel companion!

Competition is open in all categories until April 20, 2023. Solo and/or collective works may be submitted by post or in person at the following address: Cultural Centre of Pancevo, Vojvode Živojina Mišića 4, 26000 Pančevo, Serbia, or via e-mail to Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je videli., with the remark: For the 10th BUDI competition. Each work, must include the author’s name, surname, year of birth, school or organisation name, postal or email address and phone number. The author or applicant to the BUDI art competition may submit multiple works in various categories.

If the works are fragile, they must be properly packaged and protected. They are not to be folded or framed. Damaged or sloppy works will not be considered by the jury or publicly displayed. The works are non-returnable. By entering the competition, authors agree to have their works used for the festival’s promotion.

The works are judged by a jury of experts, and the best ones will be included in the official selection of the 10th International Biennale of Children’s Artistic Expression, published on the website www.kulturnicentar.rs, and exhibited as part of the official 10th BUDI program
BUDI TEAM is available for additional information.

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