17th Art Biennial

Septembar 2016.

SEE Art Gates: stanja stvarnosti

Pančevo, Srbija

"The good life is a process not a state of being.
It is a direction not a destination. "
Carl Rogers

Art Biennial is an international art exhibition of complex nature, which, with its long-standing tradition, represents one of the most significant events in Serbia, in the context of contemporary art trends and practices review. This year, the 17th Art Biennial will be entitled SEE Art Gates: States of Reality.

The Context of the 17th Art Biennial

In the absence of economic and institutional support, particularly in the Balkan Region, artists are often compelled to immigrate to countries of more developed culture, in order to enhance their chances of survival and success on the ultracompetitive global art scene or market. The 17th Art Biennial, tackling this issue, is set as an open gate, a passage for artists from this part of Europe, but also as a platform for the current states of reality of the society we live in.

An artist, in the role of a philosopher of the new era, from post-modernism to the present day, does not seek to draw conclusions as much as to make us aware or pose a question, to introduce us into the issue and initiate a dialogue. In this regard, the selection of artworks for the 17th Art Biennial focuses on works which question current social topics and places, speculate on reality, life in the globalized world, consumerism, identities, current migration, ethics, as well as many human passions.

The subtitle of the exhibition, States of Reality, points to the aspiration towards the realisation of being here and now, towards the necessity of holding a stance and perspectives, having different views, approaches, moods, mentalities and the like. Life today means living in microsocieties which are mutually intertwined in various ways, and such a life does not always provide the feeling of living in a perfect world, but it allows us to see it in a more humane way, with more empathy.

With this exhibition we want to show many personal observations of artists, which are basically humane, realistic, honest and sensible. The idea of the exhibition is to make us richer for new knowledge or experience. In this respect, the 17th Art Biennial exhibition spaces, symbolically represented as gates, that is, passages or gateways, call for a contemplative path of visitors and their possible exit from the standard way of thinking about everyday life, offering them a new interpretation and experience of the present moment.

The aim of this year's Biennial is to connect us, to make us closer to the realisation of what it means to be alive and be human.

The History of the Biennial

The Art Biennial is an international event which has been taking place in Pancevo, continuously since 1981 when it was first held as an exhibition of Yugoslav large format sculpture for open and gallery space. For quite some years the Biennial was an incentive and institutional support for the development of sculpture, and today, with its rich collection, is a reference point for research of Yugoslav sculpture. In 2000, the event expanded the concept of work from the field of sculpture into an Expanded Field of Art, which led to the change in its name from Sculpture Biennials into Biennials of Visual Arts. That same year, the exhibition became international. Following artistic tendencies and feeling the pulse of new audiences, the 2006 Biennial expanded its program to film and theatre, by which it included other art expressions and got its present shape – Biennial of Art.

So far, the Biennial has welcomed many notable artists, including: Daniel Buren, Richard Deacon, Josef Nadj, Tomislav Peternek, Nikola Džafo, Kosta Bogdanović, Mrđan Bajic, Vera Stevanovic, Škart Group, Ivan Grubanov, Katarina Zdjelar, Siniša Ilić, Janez Janša, Boris Šribar, Slaven Tolj, Nebojša Vilić, Igor Antić, Žiga Kariž, Norton Maza,Shu-Min Lin, Petre Nikoloski, Chen Zhen, Tanja Ostojic and others.

Marijana Kolarić,
Art Historian,
Selector and Curator of 17th Art Biennial



Kulturni centar Pančeva / The Cultural Centre of Pancevo
Galerija savremene umetnosti / The Gallery of Contemporary Art
Pančevo, Vojvode Živojina Mišića 1
tel/fax: +381(0)13.346.137
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17. Bijenale umetnosti SEE Art Gates: stanja stvarnosti, Pančevo 2016
/ 17th Art Biennial SEE Art Gates: States of Reality, Pancevo 2016

za izdavača, v. d. direktor/ Director, Editor in Chief
Nemanja Bogdanov

selektor, kustos i urednik kataloga / Selector, Curator and Catalogue Editor
Marijana Kolarić

recenzija / Reviewer
Nebojša Milenković

urednik i organizator programa / Program Editor and Organizer
Ivana Markez Filipović

koordinator / Coordinator
Mirjana Kamenko

dizajn / Design
Studio αρχε

fotografije / Photos
autori / Autors
Lidija Antonović
Filip Barche
Christian Berven
Li Qi Jian
Borut Krajnc
Rupert Larl
Xiao Lu
Ursula Mayer
Balint Meggyesi
Jannicke Olsen
Tanja Ostojić
David Rych
Satoshi Saikusa
Lili Tao

grafička obrada / Graphic Design
Pavle Halupa

prevod / Translation
Dragana Govedarica Kostopoulos

lektura i korektura / Proofreading and Language Editing
Ljudmila Pendelj

fotografije / Photos
autori / Autors
Lidija Antonović
Li Ći Đijen (Li Qi Jian)
Sjao Lu (Xiao Lu)
Janike Olsen (Jannicke Olsen)
Satoši Saikusa (Satoshi Saikusa)
Lili Tao

projekt menadžer / Project Manager
Lidija Kočevski

odnosi sa javnošću / PR Manager
Monika Husar Tokin

marketing, služba za goste i protokol / Marketing, Guest Service and Protocol
Marija Samardžić

tehnički koordinator / Technical Coordinator
Zoran Petković

tehnički sekretar / Technical Secretary
Jagoda Milkovski

tehnički tim / Technical Team
Branislav Božanić
Sava Đorđević
Nenad Forgo
Nenad Marković
Marjan Sakač
Lučijan Vinu

administrativna i organizaciona podrška / Administrative and Organizational Support
Violeta Blaga
Ana Buzadžija
Dejan Gaćeša
Dušanka Davidović
Dušica Kocić
Miroslava Malešević
Miroslava Matijević
Zoran Milovanov
Ana Nedeljkov
Ana Nemet
Biljana Obradović
Vesna Petković
Biljana Poljak
Vladimir Protić
Branislav Radovanović
Olivera Stojadinov
Mirjana Stokić
Slobodan Tanasijević
Bojana Vagner

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